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At Your Service

Henry Motors Ltd wants to keep your vehicle operating at its optimum level. Our mechanics are dedicated to bringing you the best performance solutions. No problem is too big or too small for us to handle.

Car Repair
Under the Car
Oil for the Car
Dedicated Mechanics

Henry Motors mechanics are highly skilled and professionally trained experts in vehicle service, testing and motor repair.

Car Checks

We are here for all your needs! Winter check? Summer check? Oil check? Tyre check? Brake check?  You name it!


When you having service done at Henry Motors, we always carry out various checks on your vehicle to make sure your car is in the best condition possible.

Car Breakdown
Care Tire
A car mechanic replaces a battery.jpg
Breakdown Service

Don't have a breakdown cover? Not a problem! We not going to leave you stranded! We can help you to arrange a recovery truck to get your vehicle to a garage ASAP.


We have a huge range of budget and premium manufacturer tyres available to suit all your needs. 


No matter how well your vehicle is working, if your battery dies and can’t be recharged, you’re stranded in a vehicle that you can’t drive.

We are here to help! We will recover your car, we will supply new battery and fit it for free!

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